In case you were ever wondering in your mind, what the differences between a barrister and a solicitor might be, then you have come to the right place. It seems like they do similar jobs, so a great many people don’t know the differences between the two. While the both of them can be referred to as lawyers, they are not the same type of lawyers. It would be erroneous to think that one is better than the other because they are both experienced professionals. To become either of the two, one has to have the right qualifications as well as training.

One major difference is that while barristers are self-employed, solicitors are not. The latter are usually employed at or are partners of a company. A barrister is a sole trader, hence is not allowed to partner or be part of the company for that matter. This, however, is where the term “chambers” comes in. Barristers come together for the purpose of marketing under the same roof, at the chambers. While they are located in the same place, under the same roof, they work on separate cases.

While solicitors specialize in various areas of law, barristers usually specialize in only one aspect. Solicitors are known as primary litigators, which implies that they have a meeting with the client to check out the nature of the case as well as to sort out issues involving administration, communication, and paperwork. It is no longer required for you to see a solicitor before meeting a barrister. Under the direct access scheme, a barrister is now allowed to be contacted directly. The provision of this new law is good news for those clients who want to pay only one set of fees and have a quick and smooth legal process as well.


A lot of people only use a solicitor when they move house hence are unaware of some of the other services that solicitors nowadays, offer. For those of you who may not have a lot of dealings with legal professionals, then below are some of the services you may be able to receive from your local solicitors.

1.) These days, in modern families, it is not uncommon to see step children, step parents or children whose parents are separated and live with one of these parents with the option of spending time with the other. This is where family solicitors come in and they can make life considerably easier for everyone involved. They ensure that if you want access to either your children or grandchildren, you can get the legal advice necessary.

2.) For those involved in an abusive relationship, it may be necessary to seek legal advice on finding a safe place to stay. You will need a family solicitor here to give you as much information as possible that you may need while keeping it in strict confidence so that you can begin to rebuild your life.

3.) A qualified and experienced solicitor can assist you in drawing up a will for those who are a bit anxious as to the fate of their assets after their demise. Getting this done, will set your mind at ease.

4.) In a case where you want to reduce the amount of inheritance tax your loved ones will pay after your passing, then tax solicitors are available to assist you with making the most of your assets. You are now more aware of what solicitors are about than you were before you read this article. You're welcome. For more information on some services offered by solicitors, kindly check